Saturday, October 15, 2016


For the next couple of posts I would like to talk about the natural wonder that is the state of Utah. If you have ever been here, it is a place unlike any other, and not just because of the high density of Mormons, although that definitely adds to its peculiarity. There are five National Parks, over a dozen state parks, and many more national monuments, national forests, and many historic sites related to the pioneer heritage of this state. It is every camping, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, nature lover guru's dream. Utah is a place that everyone needs to come to at least once in their life, just to experience the beautiful variety that is the landscape here. From red rock to aspen forests, it is when you get above and away from the smoggy valleys that you see the true glory of the Utah landscape.

You can't be afraid to get away from civilization though, that is for sure. Many of the sites are far from major cities. But there is nothing that compares to standing atop a mountain ridge completely alone with the whispering trees as your only companions. Some of my most spiritual experiences have happened where there are very few people, surrounded by God's creations.

I didn't use to think this way about Utah. But I had never been in the mountains. Once I stepped foot on my first hiking path here, I knew I was in love. In love with the landscape, in love with the forests, in love with the mountains. The mountains are holy places, and I hope you will have the chance to visit them. They are my old friends, and they welcome all.

Those who know me well know that I bring my sketchbook everywhere I go. I would call it my comfort blanket, except it isn't really that. It has taken me a while to be ok drawing in front of people. and I still feel self-conscious. But my desire to try and capture the beauty around me is stronger than my embarrassment. And so I draw. I paint. And when there isn't time, I take photos to come back to paint and draw from. Utah is a rich beautiful place to try and capture. 

 And so I come to my conclusion, I would like to share the images I create from my wanderings around this beautiful state, and beyond. So this is the place they will be. I am never content with just knowing one place my whole life, I don't even know if that would be possible for me. I need to see and experience new things all the time, even if they are just a couple hours away. I hope you will enjoy coming along with me.


  1. Me, take me! I want to come along! I can't wait to see what you create from your wanderings.

  2. Me, take me! I want to come along! I can't wait to see what you create from your wanderings.